Welcome to Save the Sea Turtles International.

Throughout the years, Save the Sea Turtles International has achieved its goals and mission statement by bringing dedicated educational and ocean conservation programs to schools, children and beaches throughout the world.

Many years ago, the realization came to us that the children were going to make the “biggest difference” for the future of our oceans and our planet. For over 35 years, our knowledge and understanding of the oceans has evolved by watching and studying the sea turtles and observing their problems for survival world-wide, always looking for solutions. These gentle, sentient beings were on this planet millions of years ago and remain here today, although their lives are being challenged on a daily basis. In many parts of the world, they are now classified as endangered or protected species due to rapidly shrinking populations. Their biggest problem to survival has been man-made debris and poisons pouring into their water and environment. Along with rescuing them, when hurt or entangled in nets and fishing line, we started cleaning beaches on a regular basis. Then we began cleaning the highway near beaches. Adopt a Beach Hawaii was born.

This year, Save A Life Hawaii was created to generate an awareness program to educate all the people on our Islands about emergency response phone numbers for 24-hour rapid rescue of protected species. This program goes forward with our dedication to helping all our ocean going creatures and shorebird species in Hawaii and is educational and highly visible through example (featuring a campaign of posters, T-shirt, and books).

Although the ideal of Hawaii as the “ultimate paradise” is just a concept, experiencing the surreal beauty and vibrancy of life here enlightens and stimulates all the senses. However, just below the surface of this paradise of enlightenment is a daily life and death struggle to balance and keep this beauty of coastlines, marine sanctuaries, and wildlife protected from the trash and over development of shoreline by “civilization.” Our dedicated volunteers from every walk of life are so many–all marching on to reduce the environmental dangers, save lives, and maintain the fragile ecological balance of our unique Islands! I have been amazed over the many years that our organization is forever changing and does seem to have a life of its own, indeed truly like the ocean and the beautiful creatures we serve.

-Marlu West, Founder