Interns are the life blood of non-profit organizations. Over the years we have fulfilled our goal as a first class educational program for the Hawai’i public school programs.

We feel that the foundation is now completing the dream of 15 years. We will be forever grateful to ALL the interns who have worked for us.

If you are interested in interning, please contact Marlu West.**

I came to Hawaii to work with Save the Sea Turtles International in early April due to the interest I had in marine conservation. Upon my arrival, I was immediately part of my first turtle rescue. We joined the efforts of the local dive shop, Deep Ecology, to search for a reported injured turtle in Haleiwa Harbor. It was incredible to see how many people were out, probably fifteen to twenty, to save one turtles’ life. That day we did save a turtle, probably two hundred pounds, after someone spotted it from diving below. We all gathered around to offer support as five of six people, including some STSTI interns, hoisted the turtle onto the boat. In the end, the fishing line that was tangled around the flipper had cut so deep that it had to be amputated. After that day, I knew we were all fighting for the right cause. Over the next month, I participated in so many incredible functions, events, rescues, and classes. We went to Hickam Air Force base, the University of Hawaii, and even Ala Moana Park to setup booths to spread the word. I learned and eventually taught others about the hydrogen fuel cell and how we can help the marine world. It was so encouraging to be able to reach all ages and especially the next generation with our words. We continued to educate children through several classes that I participated in and two that I taught alone. During my time with STSTI, our website was created and took flight, which will be another great way to reach people. My personal education continued through the months I was in Hawaii above and below the surface. I received my diver certification and had the opportunity to observe the turtles in their natural environment. My time here has continued to move me whether it was in a turtle’s life of standing in front of a group of kids answering questions. Marlu and STSTI have been wonderful eye openers to me. I wish that every person could come down here for a month because I know that the work that I’ve done down here would change everyone’s view of the environment. STSTI has offered me a once in a lifetime chance to participate in changing the environment for the better, one turtle at a time.

– Annie Petrach

**We can no longer provide housing, food, or transportation. Hawai’i is very expensive.