How to Choose the Right Father’s Rights Attorney

Hiring a good Fathers Rights Attorneys in St. Louis is important in protecting the legal rights of parents. A good attorney will help to ensure that the court system doesn’t have an unfair bias towards mothers when deciding custody cases and other family law issues. A father’s rights lawyer can also assist in fighting for visitation rights for their clients, whether they are in the midst of a divorce or not.

Mothers have always tended to be given more preference in the courts when it comes to custody of their children. This is due to the natural inclination of the courts to think that the mother is a more caring and nurturing parent. Fathers must hire a good Fathers Rights Attorneys to fight for their parental rights and the right to have an active role in their child’s life.

In Missouri, there are statutes that protect the rights of fathers in a child custody case. However, despite the fact that the laws are gender neutral, there is still a tendency for judges to favor mothers over fathers in child custody decisions. A good Fathers Rights Attorneys will work to challenge this bias by implementing strategies to highlight the strengths of their client and highlighting the value of fatherhood.

Fathers often face issues involving visitation and child support when going through a divorce or other domestic situations. A good Fathers Rights Attorneys will help to set up visitation and parenting schedules that are in the best interest of the child and the parent. This will include establishing the time share of each parent, which includes how much time a child spends with the mother and the father. This can also include establishing the amount of child support to be paid by each parent.

Another issue that can arise during divorce or other family law cases is when there are questions about paternity. In these cases, a Fathers Rights Attorneys can help to establish the father’s parental rights by proving his connection to the child. This can be done through voluntary acknowledgment from the mother and/or genetic testing.

A father’s rights attorney can also assist in establishing child support orders or modifying existing ones to suit the current situation of both parties involved. They can also help with legal matters involving physical and legal custody, restraining orders, name changes, emancipation and divorce. The Betz Law Firm provides assistance with family matters such as divorce, child and spousal support, domestic violence and prenuptial agreements in the St. Louis area. They are known for their compassionate and skilled representation of families. They are also experienced in the use of mediation and collaborative law to help their clients resolve their disputes out of court. This helps to reduce stress and financial burdens for the entire family.